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  • Sveta
    Sveta and I met at college in late 1990's. We didn't became very good friends until around 2003. We enjoy getting together to do something like hitting the beach, going for a walk, attending to some events and etc. We enjoy discussing from A to Z topics. She just jumped on the bandwagon of newbie bloggers in 2006. Best of luck to her! :)
  • Jules
    We were classmates at Lake Drive School in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. We knew each other since 1980. One of my steadfast friends that I can always count on...we love to imagine, explore and talk about anything. I am glad to have her as my dear friend! :)
  • William
    We met at college and been a very good friend ever since. We share some passions - travel, visit parks, outdoor activities.
  • Laszlo
    I first met him in August 2003 and we hit it off as really great friends. We share common interests and views in general. He always have interesting stories to tell from his traveling or experiences from some place.
  • Karen
    I met Karen at the company where we worked in Manhattan. She is a warming and thoughtful person. Sometimes, you find yourself wandering lost in thoughts when you read her blogs...the perspective side that we may do not have time to ponder on...
  • Di
    I met Di in college through sorority. She is really cool gal to get know. She has a "burning" desire to accomplish something in her life...and I admire her for that.
  • DJ
    DJ is my best buddy. We knew each other since we were kids even though we were around 5 grades apart. We think we are normal while everyone else is weird. *grins* Check out her blog site. :)


One-Line Bio

Down-to-Earth Deaf Gal hails from New Joisey


Myers-Briggs: INTP
Fave Sports Team: NY Yankees, NJ Devils, NJ Nets, NY Knicks, NY Liberty, NY Giants, NJ/NY Juggernuts (Pro. Women's Softball)
Sports that I Participate: ski board, snowboard, mountain bike, scuba dive, soccer, softball, outdoor activities such as camping and hiking
Sports that I Watch: E v E r Y t H i N g even curilng!
Fave Colors: Red, Green
Fave TV Shows: CSI - Las Vegas and NY, NCIS, Jeopardy, The Amazing Race, House
Fave Authors: Jane Yolen, Paula Volsky
Usual Hang Out Places: Mountain Creek, Spa23
(24-hour gym), Cannonball Trail at Ramapo State Park, trails in New Joisey either on foot or tires
Subscribes: National Geographic Adventure, National Geographic Traveler, The Real Simple
Location: 41.00 degrees north of the equator and 74.28 degrees west of the prime meridian


travel, camp, skiboard, hike, scuba dive, dare-devil stunts, play and watch sports, play fantasy leagues, renaissance festival fans, geocache, genealogy, snowboard, read books, mountain bike, sky dive, snowshoe, help people in many situations